Thursday, August 12, 2010

Parenting a Special Job

I loved Rick Warren's tweets the other day. Two of them specifically hit home for Barry and I.

Tweet #1 Raising kids with strong character requires doing less FOR them and teaching them to do more for themselves!

Can I say AMEN!

Parenting begins the moment they are born. Thankfully when they are newborn it starts with them learning what love, trust, and comfort means. I love that we get a few months to snuggle, rock, kiss, hug, love, feed, and come to their aide when life doesn't feel good. But as they age we need to begin training our children how to care for themselves.

IF we constantly left them in our arms, would they learn to sit?

IF we constantly left them in the exersaucer, would they learn to walk?

IF we constantly fight their battles, make their decisions, do their work, how will they become adults?

This Brings me to the next Tweet!

Tweet #2 Godly parenting is the task of moving your kids from dependence on you, to independence, to dependence on God!

Read that again! It takes a second to fully grasp this quote!

We live in a tough world. And we honestly do not know what tomorrow will bring. I will fail my kids if their independence is upon me. I cannot be everywhere, always available, or pretend I know every situation they may find themselves in. But I can point them to the ONE who can be everywhere, will always be available, and KNOWS every situation that can confront them. I do my kids more harm for them to become dependent on super mom vs seeing a mom who is imperfect but is forgiven and walking with the Lord.

When I feel my parenting control taking me over I go back to a mental picture the Lord presented to me years ago. What if my son was fighting for our freedom on the battle field? What happens when life is overwhelmingly ugly, evil, and scary? He can't very well call mom to get his comfort. My hearts desire is my kids can find immediate comfort in the trenches of life. And that can only come from dependence on God!

Mom's and Dad's are we training our children to become dependent on us?

Are we training our kids to become independent adults?

And more importantly, are we pointing our kids to becoming dependent upon God?

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