Monday, August 9, 2010

Laundry Tips from a Mom of 8

The piles of laundry can send any mom over the EDGE!

The problem?

It just doesn't end!

After nearly 20 years of marriage, 8 kids, and who KNOWS how many articles of clothing, sheets, and 'OH' the towels I am finally learning to turn this thorn into a manageable mess!

How you say?

Every room has a hamper. If more than 2 kids live in that room they have at least 2 hampers. (one for white and one for color...when the clothes are pulled to the hall then they sort their colors)


We posted a schedule of what day laundry for that room gets done. Being on our 3rd year of this routine we just know there is a cycle and we don't have to make it as formal. Our house has at least 3-4 loads of laundry going each and every day. With this plan I/we rarely have HUGE mountains of clothes they are more like manageable HILLS!

Other tips...

  • If you are 12 and older YOU are responsible for your own laundry! (Sort, wash, dry, hang, fold, AND put it up!) Pretty much guaranteed you will have to quote this every time if you want EACH of those steps followed!

  • A list is posted on the washing machine for them to know how to do the different loads. (whites, t-shirts, jeans, etc)

  • If you are older than 4 you are expected to put up your clothes on your own, the RIGHT way! (Of course I never look (well, rarely look) in their drawers unless I want to be sidetracked into cleaning, sorting and possible anger!) I only peek occasionally to bring order back to chaos, but ONLY when I have time to correct the right way and not yell!

Important TIP....(With 8 kids you learn to let go of a few things and one of those for me was having neat drawers. It wasn't worth the nagging and frustration for the kids or me just to feel we had clean drawers. It is more about them being responsible for other things. Wrinkle free clothes is a preference at this stage of life for us!)

  • I am the manager and I announce it is time for a load. I keep the factory working around here but I do not do all the work, nor do I put it all on one child. We all share in our dirt!
  • Having the piles kept in their room until the day they are to be washed is SO freeing! I don't have it staring me in the face every day! Each day we bring out the 3-4 loads that need to be done and they sit in the hall. I can see at a glance what is left and who is doing laundry that day. This method lets us all feel we accomplished a task. When the hall is empty, THE LOADS ARE DONE! Hallelujah!

Good luck with your dirt! Find your way that fits your life. A way that relieves the stress and yet gets the work done. Knowing your hot spots and figuring out a plan that works for the family WILL benefit your home!

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