Monday, August 16, 2010

Toddler Training

Oh, we have many days ahead of us.

That little guy was running/darting after church between every woman, man, and child. He about drove this mom INSANE yesterday! I barely get him caught and before I can finish getting my shirt adjusted, the Bible off the ground, my purse all twisted around my arm that child was off again!

It was one chase after another!

We head home for a much needed nap and then back to church again. Not as many people and no childcare creates a wonderful moment of training. (Not that I was in the mood for this!)

He started off sitting just fine in church. If you are a mom of a toddler you know when your moment of glory is up. One glance and I knew....time to get out the door! I gather that little man up and out we go. Barely walk out of the auditorium and RUN, run, run!

OH, NO you don't! (I thought!) Love the fact that our children's ministers wife caught me in a chase! Yes, a little laughter was needed for a stressful moment!

Here was the choice...
Play in the tube/tunnels OR sit with mom on the couch in the lobby.

His choice...
Play on the couch in the lobby.

My response...
NO! You can sit or play in the tubes.

His response...
Sat on the couch.

My thought...
If we can sit on the couch why can't we sit in the chair in the auditorium?

(back we go to try again)

His thought...
I'll show her....a toot, a squeal, a sneeze, fake coughing, and a quick dash down the isle.

My thought...
Misjudgement in his readiness!

My reaction...
Obviously, more training is needed! Back to the couch we go!

Yes, we sat on the couch! If you don't sit in church, you don't get to run in the lobby either. (we will get this one day, we will get this one day, we will get this one day!) Thank goodness for 7 other children that I can look at and see, training works!

So, Training is STILL in progress!!!!

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  1. That's some AWESOME mommying right there! You make me smile! Big Hug!