Sunday, August 22, 2010

Convo with a 6 Year Old

It is 1:00a.m. and I should be in bed! But I could not..not post...the latest conversation with our 6 year old. Amazing what conversations can follow a movie. But before I posted I had to fold some laundry, give a hair cut, wash some dishes, take a shower (that was all after our late night viewing!) and now I blog!

It was getting late but decided we would watch a movie as a family anyways. Of course the college student and our oldest two teens didn't make it in (hard to have all 10 of us in one room at once these days) but I am learning that is about normal for this stage. Deciding not to pass on the movie with the younger 1/2 of our clan (even though it was already 9:00) we rented a redbox, popped some popcorn, and snuggled on the couches.

"Letters to God"

Filling up our living room G'ma, G'daddy, 5 other kids, mom and dad sat to watch "Letters to God". I highly recommend it...especially for family viewing! Toddler was full of action but it didn't stop us from smiling and crying. After the show....

.... our 6 year old jumped into my lap, laying his head in my arms with his blue eyes and little grin looking into my face... (WARNING...this is a spoiler alert!)

"That little boy is sure lucky he gets to go to heaven when he dies!" *grin*

Yes, he is Brock.

Will you go to heaven one day?

"When I am 100!"

Do you know why he gets to go to heaven?

*a little shrug and a grin*

Because he asked Jesus in his heart. Did you know that anyone can ask Jesus in their heart and they can go to heaven too?

*bigger grin with a little unsure nod yes*

Have you ever asked Jesus in your heart?

*another unsure shrug...still grinning*

Would you like to ask Jesus in your heart?

*a little turn of his mouth* "hmm, not yet."

A kiss and a hug and off to bed he goes.

Well worth our late night adventure. Thankful for a clean movie that moves us as a family. Rare to have an opportunity to all view at once and have us all moved at the same time. I am quite sure there will be more conversations about the life of a little boy, who was chosen by God for such a life, whose mom was hand picked to raise this little man, who became a warrior and who has lead the way for others to write letters to God.

As you can tell, this late night convo with a 6 year old is just the beginning of 'His' story, upon his life! Stay tuned *and PRAY*....

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