Monday, August 23, 2010

A Time to Rejoice

I lay here thinking of a sweet family who has been a part of our lives for 37 years. Does that make me sound old? Yikes!

Today, my mom and I will make our way to OKC to celebrate a life well lived! It will be a tough and yet a glorious day. There is a void left in the hearts of those who cherished her and at the same time how can we not rejoice in the knowledge that she is dancing with Jesus?

Our families met at a Christian Church years ago, and friendships were formed. (How could you not enjoy the bond that is created when families spend an evening square dancing together. *wink* Wells and Brett will remember this!) As a young girl my favorite thing was to help in the church nursery to care for Julie. Or the nights our parents would hang out and play cards while the kids ran around and played.

Our church memberships ended up moving to First Southern Baptist Church in Del City, OK. This will be our memories forever. A church that preached the Gospel, a congregation that loved others, and parents who walked in Christ. Our friendships continued to grow as we went water skiing at the lake and snow skiing in the mountains, youth events to choir productions, family vacations, neighborhood pool parties, and prayer'n'share Bible studies. Weddings were soon to follow with Carolyn playing piano in many of those! She and Dr. Sam were mentors to many through the years. I imagine they are discovering what an impact they had this moment in heaven.

We do rejoice at her home going and yet mourn for the family that is left behind. Their kids are our friends, people we love even though miles seperate our paths. The bond that keeps us tied will be the memories of their parents and the things we shared, knowing most of all we are living for the same Savior, headed the same direction, experiencing the same love!

Lord, please allow your gracious peace to fill the hearts and lives of our friends, their families, and their children. Thank you Lord for putting women like Carolyn to mentor and lead the way of how a Godly woman responds in ALL circumstances, even faced with death. Wrap your arms around Wells, Brett, Julie and John. Allow them to see a glimpse in your Master plan in the days ahead.

If you were to die tonight, do you know where you would spend eternity?

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