Monday, July 12, 2010

Super Mom vs Almighty Father

Finally got the 3 girls out the door! Last minute run here, I forgot to finish this, can you fix that...just endless things to accomplish. (Mom to the rescue!)

I am very thankful for their serving hearts. I know they will receive much greater blessing than they realize.

For now, I am faced with how do we help our kids prepare better. So much running around which created a boat load of last minute things for mom on top of an already jammed pack day and 6 other kids to manage. Praying for guidance in peace and chaos as I realized it is just a fine line in parenting.

They let things go and we want to help them learn how to manage time, money, chores, and obligations better. But then when those things aren't done and they need help I want them to know they can come to me. It is my pleasure to help my children that I adore and love.

At the same time, as a parent you think WHY am I picking up the pieces one more time? They need to be better at this by now! So you want to train, but they feel you are coming down on them. You want to help, but you don't want them to take it for granted or always rely on you to rescue them.

I have found my response is everything and that humanly I can not respond right without God's balance.

If I am too easy I don't help them grow.
(Then I am angry and feel I am taken advantage of in this situation.)
If I am too stern I get their eyes off the real problem.
(They become angry and focus on we don't understand.)

This is a job for the Almighty Father, NOT Super MOM!

We tend to swing that pendulum too far either direction. But HE has perfect balance!

Whether we have little ones or teens we need the Almighty Father to the rescue! Without His grace, His control, His strength we will have a home in disarray! So I have no answers into how to manage to get the kids to do the last minute things before leaving on an international trip, or how to have them prepared prior to heading off to college, or how to keep them on task with the chores at hand. But I do have a solution to ease the chaos all parents are faced with during these times. We need to be consistent in our training and continually be plugged into the source of grace in HIGH tension times!

Are you staying plugged into The Father?
Are you trying on your Super Mom cape?