Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Shred

Oh my! Who knew 20 minutes could feel so long! I don't think I have ever seen a workout work me so hard. Just call me jelly legs the next few days!

Two days down and many more to go. I just hate the fact that I took a dancers body and sent it over the edge. I didn't do too bad with my first two pregnancies. But that 3rd one, when we lost the baby, I just lost all desire to work at it. NOW, I get to pay for that lack of judgement.

As I sat and drove to Wild River country (only the sheer love of my children gets me into a swimsuit!) with the little kids today, I was praying and talking with the Lord the reasons why a woman who carries 9 babies, 2 well over 10 lbs, 2 DNC's, 2 natural births and 4 c-sections should get a pass to a fabulous body! Just sayin'!

It isn't easy being pregnant 324 weeks or 81 months these past 20 years! And lets tack on the nearly 80 months of nursing that went on too. What about the gazillion diapers we have purchased and changed our entire married life. We have only gone 9 months of our marriage NOT having to buy diapers and a few moments in there we had 3 in diapers! Diapers have been a staple our entire marriage! Between the diapers being changed, the lack of sleep, the messes, the bottles, the washing, the disciplining, the schooling, the training...Lord, could I get a little bit of a break?

Just ONE mini size body for me please! *big cheesy grin*


  1. I hear you! BUT we are OUT OF DIAPERS! Can't believe it! First time in almost 15 years. And - it's so nice.
    You know what? I haven't been the same since we lost our baby (our eighth), too - so encouraging to hear your experiences. Isn't God good?