Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pondering and Unplugging

I am quickly discovering it would be great to have a weekend away. A weekend away to just PONDER! No clean up duties. No child discipline. No meal planning. No washing of clothes. No runs to the store. No juggle kid here and juggle kid there. No meetings I forgot. No doctor appointments for today. No beds to be made. No school to grade.

Just me, myself, and I to seek God, and to get my thoughts in order.

I can see with today's fast times (constant communication) that there is a new plan in order. I know me well enough that if I don't put a good plan in order I won't stick to it or have the desire to help my family stick to it.

Kinda sick of ...
The cell phones glued to the kids hands.
The ipods stuck in their ears.
The wii controllers/xbox handles in their possession.
The pull to always go, run, and leave.

We need moments to just sit, relax, and be.

I am discovering a world that leaves no room for that in my family.
How about yours?
I am discovering that the Lord may use me to bring that back home.
Are you feeling the same?

The question is how, when, and to what extent will I go for this?

Having kids from 2-19 years brings a unique challenge for me in managing my home. I am quite sure you have your own unique challenges. I can tell it will only get more blurred as time goes on. Setting the right balance with each child at the appropriate age.
We all know the younger ones will question why the older ones get to do more.
We all know the older ones will push for more independence.
We all know that mom and dad are definitely out numbered.

It's times like this we need a good plan of action. It won't always work, but we need a goal to aim for and I feel all lines are blurred at the moment in my home. Times are changing and our world likes to keep our kids plugged in at all times. I want to unplug them and make sure they are still plugged into our heavenly Father first. I see Barry and I unplugging, but we need to train our kids how to do the same. I want to make sure they can unplug and relax, to sit still and to dream.

How can kids move forward with a goal to achieve if they never sit back to really see "what do I want to do" and "what does God want me to do"? It appears to me that our kids are being run and driven by a world that wants to keep them busy. I can't fault them from wanting to go, do and be. They are off to camps, mission trips, sports and activities, and running with church buddies. There is nothing wrong with their choices. Except I see little rest and quiet from time to time. Are we filling every minute of every day with stuff? Am I allowing my kids to run to the point they are completely exhausted? Am I being the parent and putting some boundaries in place for their benefit?

It starts with me. This mom is on a pondering mission. A mission to find the time for a family dinner. To create moments of being unplugged so conversations continue in our home. A plan to help my kids enjoy life but still dream. I am anxious to see what God reveals. I know from experience when I do this the kids may complain on the front end but they have always enjoyed the back end.

How is the running going in your family?

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