Thursday, April 8, 2010

We Got a Screamer

It was bound to happen eventually. At some point or another almost all toddlers hit a screaming stage.

We have arrived!

It is annoying, embarrassing, maddening, and just plain irritating. No matter how I feel about it we have to train out of it. Losing my cool, running for cover, or just ignoring the problem will not solve our current situation.

Being a mom on the move and having to leave teens in charge I have discovered that although they do a great job of caring for the little ones they just weren't created to train a child. It is my responsibility to train this little one towards right behavior and screaming at the TOP of your lungs ISN'T it!

  • First goal is to be focused on looking for every opportunity possible in teaching right response.
  • Next, as SOON, as I hear the scream I move-in to train. Telling the toddler "NO" and then mimicking what I hope to see. Whether it is asking for a toy, grabbing at food, running around like a crazy child, or mad because he got in trouble. I continue to calmly show him how to ask, respond, reach, or sit in the right TONE level!
  • Then we follow through ALL day long. A little focused attention and we can move past this stage of parenting quickly! Hopefully!
  • Once we start seeing improvement we praise and reinforce our pleasure in the sweet sound of a toddler communicating at a NON-deafening decimal.
  • Next step is to show the teens how to get the right response from the toddler. We want to make sure the toddler is hearing the same information from everyone in the home. Why? for quicker results!

Today was training day! Not only for him but for us. Getting all the kids on board with lowering their voices and making sure we are all training a mimicking toddler the right tone level. I enjoy having a little one to remind us to keep our own voices in a pleasant range.

You got a screamer? Its okay, you are not alone! Keep up the front line of training and enjoy a peaceful home for many years to come! It is worth the battle....NOW!

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