Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thankful For a Godly Man

Tonight just proves my point that Barry is a man who lives out what he believes.

About to head out for his annual brothers "Man's Weekend" he could be pretty frustrated about being rear ended the night before he leaves town. In the truck he was going to drive. The truck that was going to pull a pop up camper for a fishing trip to remember. And less than 4 houses away from our home. Or be thinking of the money we don't have to fix something else.

Instead of finding a man that was blowing up at the inconvenience of it all he was a man concerned about a boy who hit him. Much more concerned about the stress this kid felt and thinking how would I want someone to treat my child if they had hit someone. He was thinking more about someone else than how his evening got messed up. This was supposed to be the night to pack and prepare for rugged country, fish to fry, and leaving the stress of life behind. Instead he is calling insurance, checking a car, and praying for a stranger.

As I head back up to the house I hear him say to an upset young man, "Can I pray for you before we go?"

I am the proud wife of a man that lives what he believes. That others are more precious than the inconvenience they may create. That others deserve respect even when they were at fault. That others deserve our love even when they are frightened, cussing, and in tears.

What was his prayer? That the Lord would bless this young man. That God would provide a way for him to pay for his car. That God would provide a way for him to afford school. And praying praises and thanksgiving that neither had serious injury!

Would you join us in praying for a stranger to see glimpses of Christ as he goes about to pay his fine, fix his car, and remember the love that God gives in the most unexpected places.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. You have a good man there! How many of us moms need to remember to react just as he did when we experience our daily, "Gggrrr" moments! And I did lift up a prayer for that young man - and your hubby!

  2. That was exactly what I thought of too Tracey. Too many times I am not gracious enough to let God use me to touch my children in the day to day life of being interrupted a thousand times.