Sunday, April 11, 2010

Male Bonding vs Female Bonding

Did you know there is a difference?

Without a doubt men and women bond differently.
Women can bond in seconds!
Men bond over days!

Women need constant bonding.
Men are content with just a couple of times a year.

Women can bond with tears, laughter, or common circumstances.
Men bond in boy humor, competition, and getting out of their current location.

I heard a phrase once that men bond when the boys in them meet. (I think there is no truer statement than that one.) Wish I could remember where I heard it!

Knowing these little facts has allowed me to let my man go!

I think we feel sometimes....
  • how can he leave me with all these kids?
  • why can't I get out?
  • he needs to be here to parent with me to be a good dad/husband?
  • if he goes once, he will go ALL the time?

Nowhere in those feelings am I thinking of how God designed my husband. I have learned that when I let go, HE engages! A little encouragement to get out for some male bonding. An assurance that I WANT him to go. And the little text hints that mom and kids are not overwhelmed and glad he is enjoying his time out can bless my man!

What do I get in return?

  • a man that is content
  • a husband that is ready to serve his wife
  • a father that appreciates his children
  • a spouse that is eager to help "me" get out next time

Know that God created us differently and that one way to honor our husbands is to let them go. AND more to let them go with encouragement NOT guilt!

Ladies, when is the last time you encouraged your husband to get out with some other men and connect (guilt free)! Surprise your guy and work with him as he prepares a male bonding experience! I promise you will reap the rewards as much as he will!

This mom is off to get 8 children to church by herself (day 3) as her man is off bonding on a river, in the rugged outdoor with a few great men.

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