Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's a Mom-Thing...Living in Chaos our NORM

We have had a wild couple of weeks. So much happening so quick. Its the end of the year chaos that all of us battle. The question is how to manage the chaos with some form of grace and character when it is all said and done.

I fooled myself a few years ago thinking that just THIS year is crazy. Age brings a certain wisdom to know that THIS chaos will come, year after year! I will say having a graduate does put you into a higher category! Thankful this is a calm year, sorta! Next year our chaos will go up with our 2nd graduate. For now we will enjoy this lower level of insanity!

So instead of graduating a senior we are adding another teen driver, having wisdom teeth pulled, enrolling a daughter in College, a preteen moving into the youth group, potential MRI for mom, and potentially an MRI for the highschooler, ACT tests, a toddler that believes he is 10 and creating a mass-of-a-mess in the process, and we are STILL juggling cars. I guess when you have growing kids in your home this is normal and I have to stop saying its chaos! (Although you know I won't so I am sure you will see more blog post about chaos. So if we know chaos is the new norm then you know when I say chaos you know I mean its normal behavior around here!)

I love my life and I am thankful that I do appreciate it. (I take it for granted from time to time but somehow God always has a way to bring me back to gratefulness!) I run around like a crazy person, I crash hard at the end of the day, and I rest knowing that THIS IS what God has called me to do. It doesn't always look smooth. There will always be the unexpected that pops in on MY plan. But I can rest assured that God's grace will fill in my cracks and bring peace to this busy household!

Are you thankful for the chaos that God has put you in the middle of on this side of heaven?

Enjoy it now because we only live it once! He has you EXACTLY where He needs you! Serving in the home with the people He knew YOU could bring the greatest influence too. Take a step back and embrace your wonderful chaos with the people you love!

I am off to take the highschooler to see the orthopedic specialist today.
We should find out what we are looking at with the extracting of wisdom teeth.
And I basically have no idea how we will get the tennis boys to their lessons or the rest of the kids to church. I am sure by 6:00 I will have figured out a new juggling plan!
(It's a mom-thing!)

How is your juggling going?

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  1. Why is that reading another moms chaos makes our own easier to stomach! The best is when you have to be in two places at once, you know it is simply not going to happen! I too have learned to just take a deep breath...and go with it! Yep, once you learn not to sweat the small is so much more pleasant! Blessings to you!