Thursday, April 29, 2010

Taking Time To Hear

Are you taking time to hear?

Our Kindergartner had a birthday last week. Having grandparents that live away brings shouts of joy when they send money his way! He has definitely learned that money can get you what you want.

I knew before his birthday that Webkinz was a big deal but FORGOT! YIKES! Realizing that we had totally left off the one thing he truly wanted we were so pleased to hear one grandparent was late in sending a gift!

Today was 'road trip' day to purchase the Webkinz. It was a time to take him out on a date with toddler in tow. I am always amazed how a short outing can turn into the most wonderful conversations at this age.

"Mom, I want to go to Starbucks! Are we going?"
Why would you want to go to Starbucks.
"I really want to go because Hannah used to work there and everyone goes there."
Sorry, we aren't going.
"That's okay. Church is better than Starbucks because we can worship God!"
Very true son.

I was snickering as I listened to him process information. To think I could have gone out by myself and purchased the Webkinz alone, wrapped it, and given it to him at the end of the day, I would have missed this perfect conversation.

Next up, lunch date at Chick-Fil-A. Realizing how many times we end up on the phone or texting while our little ones are with us. I wonder how much we miss because we aren't engaged in the conversations with them.

Which brought me to the next thought...I wonder how many times I am busy with the next task at home that I miss more wonderful opportunities to engage in conversations with them. I love the ages between 2-8years as they have free flowing words of thoughts and dreams. They are precious words that I will miss as they age and are more reluctant to verbalize their inner most thoughts.

Finishing our date he was anxious to get home and share with his brothers and sisters his new Webkinz. But before we could get out of the parking lot he had another observation.

"Mom, does God have a Webkinz?"
"Never mind! God doesn't have Webkinz because He made people!"
That's right son! You are far more valuable than a Webkinz to God.
Oh the joy to look in the rear view mirror and see a little boy with eyes a glow and a smile beaming across his face!

Take time to hear your kids today. They say the most valuable things at times. Of all the things our Lord has created we are still the most precious and favored of ALL creation!

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