Monday, April 26, 2010

Got Debt?

Sad to say we do. Some of it unavoidable and much of it we knew better. No time to dwell on what already is done.

Looking to be proactive and get everything under control we are well on our way to being debt free. Hopefully in two years or less. Unless these health issues continue! But we are dealing with one thing at a time and not worrying about the future.

Therefore do not be anxious, saying, What shall we eat? or What shall we
drink? or What shall we wear? For the Gentiles seek after all these
things,and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek
first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things
will be added to you. Matthew 6:31-33

Do not fool yourself into thinking, "well sure, this is easy for you!" There is nothing easy about living on one income with 10 people in your family. Not only that but get two grown adults in a digital world to know what the other is spending can create its own struggles.

the discovery of Mvelopes! I remember hearing about envelopes years ago but found myself too busy having babies and being in survival mode to really do what I needed to do. Nor did that seem useful in such a digital time to go home and use real envelopes! Knowing I have to simplify our lives the best I can because it is obvious LIFE IS NOT SLOWING DOWN! I began seeking out what can help us in this digital world maintain our sanity while keeping our hand on our money. Knowing we are fixing to payoff our van this week *shouts of JOY* we didn't want the extra money to just float away on the frivolous when we have other debts to retire.

I have been using Mvelopes for 3 weeks now and LOVE IT! Why?
  • we put a budget together and then as each paycheck comes through it will automatically puts it in our virtual envelopes
  • as soon as the transaction goes through I can deduct it from that envelope and then Barry and I BOTH know exactly what is left to spend. (Too many times I knew the kids needed clothes but he knew the car needed new tires...yes, that can blow a budget real quick when both are meeting the needs of the family and we both spend the money at the same time.)
  • I am such a visual learner that I can immediately look and see exactly what I have to work with for our family.
  • we can access this from our phones and do not have to wait until we get home!!!!!
  • something about this system makes it exciting to see what I can save in each envelope and then move it to retiring debt at the end of each month!
  • we have a goal to work towards! Not just a goal that one of us works on but a goal we each can see and keeps us both moving as one team in one direction!

If you find it difficult to keep your expenses in order...

If you find it next to impossible to maintain a budget....

If you have debt to retire....


just want to simplify your life....

I recommend you take a look at Mvelopes!

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