Thursday, April 22, 2010

Got Curly Hair?

Do you have curly hair?
A daughter with curly hair?
Maybe a friend with curly hair or even your mother?

They have a priceless gift from the Lord but until they learn how to care for it I find it can be a curse to the one who is left to manage it.

As Barry and I were dreaming about what our first child and what our children would possibly look like, we began to pray the Lord would bless us with a curly headed girl one day. Little did we know He would grant us that special wish.

It was fantastic because you could hardly go wrong with her hair when she was little. It curled up around the pony tails and was slightly wild but precious when she would awake in the mornings. But as she grew and the texture changed it wasn't long before those preteen years were constant pony tails! A frustration for mom because she never wore it down and a curse to her because she could never get rid of the frizz.

One day I was glancing through a magazine and I came across an add about "Got Curls" and it listed off all the ways my daughter wore her hair. None of which included wearing it down so everyone could appreciate her curls. (Because SHE didn't appreciate her curls.) Noticing it was a special Ouidad cut at a Salon near us, I booked her an appointment.


Watch a couple of the videos on their site. Anyone with curly hair should give this a try and be shocked at the results. Let's face it, curly hair is nothing like the rest of us. Nor is the upkeep and care to be done like others. Once Hannah learned the techniques and the rules of how to hydrate her hair she has learned to love that which God has given her.

A picture is worth a thousand words. (IF I didn't think she would be totally offended I would post some pictures of her before and after.) There was a different girl that emerged after she learned the techniques for her special gift. What was once a frustrated teen I now see a confident young woman.

I HIGHLY recommend a Ouidad cut to anyone with curly hair!
(The products can be expensive but they do wonders! On our budget we could not afford to purchase all the products. But as we learned about the hair we learned what we needed to look for and what we couldn't live without.)

When we first moved to Little Rock the closest Ouidad Salon was Texas! We just discovered that we have several near us now! Lets just say our curly headed girl was jumping with JOY.

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