Saturday, March 13, 2010

Results of Years of Work

I couldn't help but watch the boys today as they played a few tennis matches. Realizing the young men that now look me in the eye were once the little boys dropping cheerios, crawling on my floor, and begging to be rocked one more time.

As I look at them and realize the sleepless nights, the desperation for them to take one more nap, the idea I have to stop and punish that behavior makes it all worth it now. (I find when we see results it can inspire us to keep going.) A good thing considering I have another 3 boys that keep mom moving even when she would like to sit and have a few hours off!

My boys aren't perfect and I sure can't take the credit. God has captured their hearts and they desire to please Him. To see them be young men with character and integrity is such an honor to their parents! I can't always be there to guide and make sure they act appropriately. It is my job as a parent to teach and train while they are young, point them to Christ, and then let God change their hearts. I am now watching a couple of young men with hearts that serve their King.

After a long day of watching 5 different matches with a chilly cold wind that hid our springtime weather I come home to yet another toddler. As I see him run to give me a hug I realize the years are so incredibly short before I will be looking THIS son in the eyes! I am tired and he is busy doing what toddlers do best! Pushing the boundaries, grab, pick up and drop everything in sight, and protest that he is not responsible for throwing 200 paper plates down the stairs. Just when I think it would be easier to pick them up myself I realize I have a developing young man in the process. So instead of hurrying up the clean up I stop, teach, train, and help this toddler put up the mess he created one more time.

I have been inspired to keep parenting during the tired moments! Because God is in the process of developing young men and women and He has asked me to help guide in the process! I have a job and it is an honor to serve!

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  1. So true. I was laying on Jared's bed and scratching his back yesterday morning (don't tell anyone, he would die!). But I told him how it still amazes me that he has grown up so quickly. I remember when I would lay with him and he snuggled within my "spoon". Then, I remember the day that I realized his feet came to my knees! I remember the night when I was again scratching his back, and realized that his feet were longer than mine! Funny how you notice it all of the sudden! Although I've ruined him for his wife, I will always be thankful for that I took the time to scratch his back and pray with him every night! He is truly a man after God's own heart. What a blessing to his mamma!