Friday, March 12, 2010

A Night Out and About

Well, I had wonderful plans of coming home and staying put for one evening! I actually got to spend 5 hours at home! Until the call from a giggling teen who was unsure how mom would react to the words, "I kinda might have locked my keys in the van."

Are you kidding?

"Nope, I really did."

Okay...I will be there soon.

I do a quick clean up, leave two kids at home and grab two kids to ride with me. Always looking for a mom moment whenever I can with someone. And this evening was a night with the 5 year old and 20 month old. We climb in the truck, buckle up, give the dashboard a violent hit (to bring the lights back on) and we are off to make memories!

What should I think when the 5 year old snickers out loud while I am trying to back the truck out of the driveway?
And then he says, "Are you having a problem?"
I say, "no".
He laughs, "Yes you are!"

Did you know that if the padding has come off of the clutch (metal only) and your feet are wet that your foot WILL slip off the clutch?

Can you say "PANIC!"

Of course I already proved I was struggling with the truck so I couldn't let the 5 year old see I had completely lost control of the vehicle so I crank up the music and we laugh and sing as loud as possible. Brock and Brady were playing drums, guitars and the piano! Brock wasn't too sure about my dancing while driving but Brady seemed very into it! I need to let Abbey know I am now multi-tasking! She announced earlier in the truck, "you are having a problem multi-tasking, aren't you mom!" There was no denying it, "YES"!

Tonight was NOT the evening I had planned in MY mind. But it was without a doubt a memory maker for the 3 of us. (Of course once I got home with the Frosty's it was a memory maker for 5 of us!) A little laughter, lots of music, and some unknown mysteries as we traveled around the streets in the dark. Sometimes the frustrations of unknown diversions in life can bring some of the sweetest moments we didn't realize were around the corner!

Thank You Lord for my moment with him, him, her and him tonight!

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