Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time for a Mom/Dad Moment

I had a mini date with my 8 year old son today. I needed to run an errand and asked who would like to go with me. There he was the only volunteer. I was so excited!

The excitement was due to the fact it had been a difficult couple of days for this child. I could tell he was in need of some concentrated mom and dad time.

We have discovered over the years when we have a child that is acting up, constantly in trouble, shedding lots of tears they are in need of their mom/dad moments. People always ask us how we can be there for all the kids. It just works out. Typically it isn't all the kids at one time having an issue.

Without me having to make him come with me, he just volunteered *smile* this was our moment to connect. Because I am still a newbie stick driver I park way, way out so that I can avoid backing out, traffic, and anyone too close for comfort. This was perfect! It gave us a chance to walk hand in hand. With so many children and little ones I often don't get the chance to hold some of their hands as often as I would like. We all have fun caring for the little ones and the ones that are a little bit older love feeling like big kids. But there are moments they still want to be our little guys too.

Have you had a child acting out?
Are you realizing this has gone on for a couple of days?
When was the last time you had a dad/mom moment with this child?

Take this as a signal and take a moment to spend some time with them.
You will be amazed at seeing how a little one on one time can heal the soul.

Enjoy your moments because all too soon one of the other kids will be having some issue and you will see the signals that they are in need of a mom/dad moment.


  1. I have some that volunteer more often than others. :-) Sometimes I override it and take another one with me. HA! Glad you had some time. I have one who is really struggling right now.

  2. I find that my boy who is almost eight gets lost in the shuffle around here. He is grouped with the big boys and seems not a little boy anymore. Sometimes this wreaks havoc on him. He IS a big boy...but he is still very much a little boy too. He cries and gets hurt and needs more lovin' than the others. He is more tender and more emotional. And sometimes I forget he isn't as old as the other two. I think 7-9 are hard years for little brothers. They badly want to be big...but are still little too. ANyway, thanks for making me reflect on that.