Monday, March 8, 2010

Prayer, Hope, Answered Prayer

As I was out running kids here and there, driving with the wind in my hair, I was talking with God. Concentrating as I learn to shift from this gear to that gear and often having to talk to myself out loud to make sure I am in the right gear, I realized that God had answered a prayer. I didn't realize until that moment that he had answered a prayer of mine from a little over a week ago.

Lately it has been mind boggling how to get college student to work, then back home for 2 hours to then get high schooler to work, at the same time getting the 5th grader to a book club the OPPOSITE direction. Only to reconfigure the afternoon drive in taking boys to tennis at the same time needing to pick up college student and highschooler in the OPPOSITE direction! Doing the van shuffle has become increasingly difficult to manage.

I knew the one thing I could cancel would be the book club. But how do you tell a 5th grader that has planned, created and taken the initiative to further her education that this just won't work for you. How do you tell a daughter that her desire to create a book club with a friend, to create an atmosphere to welcome new friends, and to graciously hostess an event...that THIS wonderful event does not work for mom. Everything in me knew I had to figure out a way to do this. I am HUGE on moms realizing their limits and encouraging them to hold to it. But occasionally you know your limit BUT you also know that a certain child needs a certain activity and you just have to make it work some way.

Knowing I cannot be at two places at once and that the daughter who has a job takes priority over a book club I knew prayer was the only way to meet these needs. I began to pray that God would provide a solution. So we kept planning and working towards trying to achieve both and knowing that somehow God would bring the solution when I needed it.

As I was shifting from this gear to that one I realized God answered our prayer with a truck! WHAT?

Yes, a truck!

I can't wait to reveal this answered prayer to the 5th grader. We had friends that offered to give us their extra vehicle. It may be 21 years old but it gets us from point A to point B! I had tears running down my face as I realized the Lord provided a car to help this mom help encourage her kids as they work, plan book clubs and are walking testimonies on the tennis courts.

I never knew a prayer for a 5th grade girls book club would turn into God providing this family with an extra set of wheels. Now as I find a few extra hours in my day I realize what a precious gift even a very old truck can provide! To me, it is like a brand new vehicle!!! I am so thankful for a friends prompting, faith that God cares about the little things, and a moment of silence to realize God has answered this moms prayer!

Have you stopped to realize the answered prayers God has given to you?

So many times my answered prayers are not what I was thinking and I wonder how many times I missed the obvious, that God met MY need!

(A wonderful moment this evening for a mom to share with her child how God met our need. Looking for many more opportunities to share the little things that add up to such big things throughout our lives!)

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  1. People always ask, "How do you afford that many children?" Your post is the answer. "My God shall provide alll my needs..."