Monday, March 8, 2010

I Fell

It was great while it lasted! But it appears my ailments are coming back. (potential rheumatoid arthritis)

Pain not as severe, not lasting as long, but it is there. Can't hide my disappointment. Nor can I deny I didn't hold onto my diet change. Really?...I do an 8 day water fast and I can't maintain a straight walk! Sad for me I let things go. I held on for about 5 weeks and then got comfortable. I have to assume because I went back to the old it has brought back the pain. I guess most things I have learned in life I tend to learn from when I mess up.

That is what happens when we get comfortable with where we are at...we take things for granted and think we can do it ourselves. I feel I am having to get my head back into this as much as my heart prefers to live like always.

What is even more sad is that the diet change wasn't even that bad! I just wanted what I want, when I wanted it! Oh...that nasty selfish side!

As I walk today I will spend time in prayer as I talk with my Lord, begin the change in life style again, and hope for changes to come my way.

What battle have you lost lately?
I'll pray for you and you pray for me.


  1. Sorry friend. I can only imagine how hard it would be to keep up a dietary change for health reasons. I mean, I usually want to change my diet for my weight. When I fail, I stay fat. But, for you failure means pain. I know that it seems like it should make it easier for you to stick with it but in reality...self denial is hard for any reason. Praying you make that mind-body connection and never go back! M.

  2. Thanks for your transparency Shannon! Even in your low moments, you still inspire and encourage me!

  3. Man, I would do great at (blank) if I just didn't have to contend with my flesh! LOL This battle is true in so many areas, and you are not alone! I will be praying for you!