Saturday, March 6, 2010

Are You Part of the Club?

Have you ever been told "your mean", "that's not fair", "this is stupid" or my all time favorite, "ugh *with a role of the eyes*"! (Do they not know we are watching the *eyes*!) If you have heard these then you obviously have some teens!

I find it fascinating that we train our children their entire young life NOT to say these things. And yet, they hit those teen years and it just COMES OUT! I think the first few times we are in shock. I am learning now that we have 4 teens and this is something they will each walk through. Now it is our time as parents to realize these words are the words of the battle we have entered. It isn't a fight against our kids, it is a battle FOR our kids. These words are the result of the war that is going on for our children's hearts. Our kids are at a crossroads of deciding what they believe and who is in charge. If you are a parent teaching that we serve a risen King, then the battle is clear. When they are younger they take our word for it. When they arrive at these stages they are trying to decide whether they believe this or not.

This is our time to walk with them, hold the line, and point them back to Christ. Their battle is against authority, not me. When I realize this my heart stays calm and I respond in grace! I am able to hold the line. When my emotions get involved then I have really taught my teens nothing about the battle of the heart it just appears to be a battle of words.

My job as a parent is to continue to hold the line. What line? The line of what is obedience, honor, and respect. This may often mean that I appear to be the meanest mom on the planet, the most unfair mom, and quite possibly the dumbest.

These words are a badge of honor that we experience as evidence we have been in a battle. The battle of parenthood! A battle that I will gladly serve!

Take a peek at another mom who gladly wears the badge of honor "The Meanest Mom on the Planet"! You will be encouraged and inspired to be part of the club!

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