Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hands in the Air and Screaming, Not an Option!

It has definitely not been the smoothest day (or week) around here. How quick I forgot the chaos that infiltrates our home when mom is out and about each day! After being stuck in the house for several weeks we think we are ready for a busy schedule again...until that busy schedule reveals the undisciplined hearts of 10 lovely people in my home. Yes, I included myself in that number!

I am lacking energy, time, and will power to keep everyone moving in the right direction.

It can make a mom want to throw her hands up and let out a SCREAM!

I actually played this scenario out in my head and it was revealed to me this is NOT a good solution. Spending much needed time in prayer (as I am shuffling kids and grocery shopping for the masses!) I am seeking the Lord with how to bring order back to our chaotic world. I am realizing that my response to the out-of-whack life is much more valuable than a perfectly run home!

So I shall keep picking up what I can, cleaning a dirty spot here and a dirty spot there, training this child with this and that child with that, climbing in the car one more time, reminding the kids what disobedience is, what dishonesty does to the heart, and what dishonor looks like. All of this while THIS mom keeps her heart, actions, and attitudes in check with the Lord's help.

Taking a deep breath I am ready for the troops to re-enter the house. (Church night so they are out for a couple of hours.) But when they return they will find a calm mom ready to point out the shirts, shoes, wii remotes, trash, cups, plates, guitars, algebra books, purses, coats, jeans, shool CDs, laptops, socks, games, towels, tooth brush, hair dryers, tennis rackets, sweatshirts, basically 'their' STUFF that has been strung out all over the house.

This is what we call a late night clean...ALL hands on deck!

How is your heart with the chaos in your world?

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  1. I love the line, "reveals the undisciplined hearts". How true this is. Ours was a shoe shopping trip this week. Six little girls shopping for shoes = chaos. Amazing how these times show us the work that He still wants to do in each of us.