Monday, March 29, 2010

It Was an OFF Day

Did you know you can have an off day driving a stick?

Well, I don't know if you really can but apparently I CAN!

Today, was my OFF day! Rolled backwards, forwards, killed the car in the street, intersection and the parking lot. Everyone was stopping DIRECTLY behind me. AND, most of them were not amused if you laugh because you killed the car!

People need to learn to enjoy life a little more verses being in such a gigantic hurry to get somewhere!

Do they think I enjoy dying in the intersection?

First off this morning I had two little girls in the truck headed to book club and we, or should I say, I killed the car a couple of times. Abbey had just commented to her friend that I used to talk to myself when driving the truck (telling myself what gear to be in from one moment to the next.) They thought it was funny I was having driving issues until the issues kept coming. It was only natural that I had to bring back the 'self talk' about which gear I should aim for next. I'm guessing I might be a verbal processor! I then had daughter come home and lose her lunch after driving with me. I was slightly concerned it was my driving but appears she had a migraine instead. Sad and glad at the same time. What mom wants to think she caused her child to lose her lunch?

Next trip out was taking the 8 year old to the post office, library and tennis. From looking for the entrance without a hill, to finding a parking spot that was slanted the right direction, to praying I can make it all the way through the intersection without killing the truck, he was NOT amused! His BIG eyes and questions about what happens if I kill the truck driving on the fast road (highway)? Or when will the girls learn to drive this thing so you can drive the van again? And my all time favorite after he witnessed me stuck in the road, "Just take me home NOW! Tennis is NOT that important"! I was laughing, he was NOT! I tried to assure him we were fine. But I think my words were spoken in vain!

We are now safe and sound at home! Tired, exhausted and hoping tomorrow's driving will be more successful than today!

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