Saturday, March 27, 2010

Goal Verses an Agenda

Absolutely, NOTHING is getting accomplished today! How quick I forget as a mom to not have an agenda! I can have goals. But an agenda means I accomplish something which is rarely done to any sort of satisfaction. Goals are achievable most days.

Husband is gone with 4 boys on a memorable (remains to be determined from one thing to another breaking!) camping/fishing trip. Girls are working and running errands. Which has left me, home alone, with the toddler!

Did I mention that even being a mom of 8 when you are left with " 1 " very active toddler that NOT much of anything will be accomplished. I did manage to make a bed, clean a kitchen, pay a bill or two and FINALLY put him down for a nap. Those all seem to be my typical day. So whether I have 8 or 1 the same problem arises! A little one underfoot means NOT much of moms agenda gets done. No cleaning out closets, sorting of kitchen cabinets, deep cleaning the bathrooms, finishing laundry or even a grocery list completed!

Thinking that toddler is down and NOW I can do my agenda will end with NO-such-luck. Call from husband saying van died, they jumped the battery and are headed home. Means that moms so-called-agenda is still being thrown to the way side!

My discovery...Moms, we should have goals but hold the agendas with a light touch. The goal of helping the boys see the joy in a trip-gone-wrong, problem solving a new-game-plan for the day, creating an atmosphere of peace as all-come-home, and maintaining my sanity that I am accomplishing something even if it wasn't my original plan can be achieved!

Just another day and reminder that my original agenda was met when God blessed me with a family. Now, I am in the midst of hitting the goal of loving and cherishing my family all the days of my life. Whatever that may look like from day-to-day. Because we know with all the interruptions of life it requires mom being flexible to help her family from day to day.

How is your agenda going?

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