Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sharing a Story

Life isn't always easy and most the time it doesn't play out the way we expect. I know we have had our share of disappointments in life. We learned years ago that those expectations can be a death of a vision. You know, those times when you expect one thing and then end up with another. And then you find yourself mourning what could have been....that is what we call a death of a vision. A death of a vision can be as powerful as a real death. Have you ever experienced one of those?

Checking Facebook after a run to the grocery store I came across a friends post. Which is amazing since Facebook isn't exactly working well these days. I have a ton of friends and half the country is snowed in and there are no status updates for two hours....right! Fortunately I caught one today and I had to share!

Take a moment and read Enjoying the Small Things and be encouraged, blessed, and feel the joy of life. You are going to be captivated by this life story. (You will need kleenex and to assure your children you are alright.) It will be worth the moments you take to read it. Then share it with someone else so they can be blessed in seeing that sometimes God has another plan than what we thought. And His plan will always reap a wonderful new adventure we never knew we could experience!

Click on the link above: Enjoying the Small Things!


  1. Oh Shannon! I am speechless! What magnificent ways God chooses to reveal His plans for us and then comfort us while we mourn the loss of our own visions. What a story!

  2. Hey, Shannon, do you know her personally?

  3. I had to share this on my blog so that others can be moved as greatly as I was. Thank you for sharing this. What a pic of true love for Valentine's Day.

  4. Dena...I do not know her personally. I saw this on a friends post. A friend of mine from high school has a down daughter, not sure how she came across this...but it is beautiful.