Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Health Update

Well, I am still praising the Lord for good health these days.

If you are just catching up with me I was having some issues the past 2 years that lead to some blood work this fall. The blood work returned the day before Thanksgiving indicating that I might be dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Long story short from seeking other ways to battle my symptoms I went on an 8 day fast and have been working at changing my diet (life change).

I am so excited to say it has been over 4 weeks since I have had one symptom. I was a coke-aholic for nearly 30 years and have only had 2 since the fast! YES! Quite an accomplishment! I was scheduled to see a specialist this month but have moved the appointment another couple of months as we see how I do with my life style change. We shall re-test my blood the end of March.

I thank you all for your encouragement, prayers, and concern. It has been exciting to see the changes that can take place when we look at the foods we eat.

Here are the two books I read that really helped me make some changes:
  • "The Gluten Effect" learning that gluten could be causing me some issues I began cutting it out of my diet. It helped but was not enough in changing my symptoms. Although it definitely helped so I am still keeping away from as much gluten as possible.

  • "Eat For Health" was another book that is helping me make some life changes. This book was part of the process of me choosing to go on a fast. Since the fast it has been incredibly easy to begin changing the way I eat and what I chose to do each meal.

(Caution....if you are dealing with issues that concern you be careful as you read too much on the Internet. I found I needed to stay in constant prayer in asking the Lord to calm my anxious heart.) Through the process I have kept my doctor up to date and he was so encouraging as I sought to see what would happen with a diet change before turning to lots of medication. Thankful for a doctor who is walking this with me. Stay tuned as we continue to see how changing a few things I eat and how those decisions may keep this mom of 8 active for many more years! It is really amazing how God designed our bodies. I just had to share the praise our family is seeing these last few weeks!

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