Wednesday, February 24, 2010

School Out YET?!

Okay, I am ready. I am DONE for the year. Can we stop yet?

Warmth - it is time to come back!
School - I am past this already!
Children - please go outside no matter how cold or wet it is and USE up your energy!
Bills - you can stop! You are coming faster than I can pay!
Meals - how about we all do a water fast for a couple of months!

WHAT? School isn't done yet? I saw sunshine and was sure summer is around the corner! This winter has seemed to last forever!

You can't be homeschooling and not have a day or two you adjust. That is the joy of homeschooling! TODAY, I caved! The sun was out and I was tired from a Van shuffle early this morning. So we watched a movie and then I sent the kids out to play. I have to admit I am thoroughly enjoying the sound of birds chirping, the laughter of children playing, and a house where the noise level has dropped significantly with toddler napping, older kids at work and the other half of the kids outside!

I need to get a grip anyways and get control of our schedule before it controls me. Time to shuffle the lesson plans, juggle the car, and plan a few meals since the Van shuffle is picking back up. Thank goodness for a little sunshine to help me lose some of the brain fog that has set in with so many cold wet dreary days.

Yep, school is out for the day so MOM can get her act together!
How is your spring schedule coming?

UGH! knew it was too good to last....a meltdown...I am off to be a mom! At least there is sunshine in the midst of behavior management!

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  1. I am feeling the same way!!! For now I am holding out for Spring Break and then I'll be almost to the finish line.