Thursday, February 25, 2010

In and Out

Okay...I'm in the van, out of the van, in the van, out of the van! Practically a dozen times today. A mom's day never ends even when you think it might.

Let's just do a run down because I will feel better for blabbing!

Drive high schooler to one day of school.
Back home...

Take 3 sons to Academy to buy tennis gear. (Getting ready for living on the courts!)
Back home...

Leave one son to keep shopping because he is utterly SLOW!
Back home...
Drop 2 sons off and welcome a daughters friend for a few hours.

Go back to pick up son who is shopping only to walk up to check out and discover he left the $10.00 off coupon at home! (ARE you nuts!)
Back home we go.....
Feed kids lunch
Give a few details to what other kids should do and lay down toddler.

Discover not enough time to go back to pick up clothing so leave son and off to pick up daughter!
Quickly stop by store WITH coupon and purchase clothing.
Back home....

Drop off daughter, chat with a friend who is picking up her daughter and grab 2 sons and back out the door. Target here we come with daughters return and purchase much needed clothing for 3 growing boys and socks for 2 others. (Because they have lost them for the 100th time!)
Back home...

Discover NOTHING I had asked to be done was completed...not happy! Lets just say things fall apart when mom isn't home. Gonna have to cover what is meeting to happen soon!
Grab toddler and 2 tennis boys and off to the courts we go.
Back home...

Feed husband dinner.
Chat for a few minutes.
Time to pick up tennis boys!
Back home....

Positive I am done for the evening until 6th grader comes up and asks if dad has another set of keys!?? WHAT??? Someone give me my phone and let me call dad! Only to find out the next thing the 6th grader shows me is dads phone! REALLY??? It is a very good thing that I totally adore my husband. He is worth the effort to drag myself back to the van and go get my man!

Do you ever have a day like that?

Guess I better run because my husband will be done soon and he will discover what we discovered about an hour ago. Pulling off a gentle spirit I don't want him to be too frustrated so I shall try to be there before he is done and relieve the stress he would feel in about 30 minutes!

I am now NOT home....

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