Friday, February 26, 2010

Communication NOT so Easy

I am realizing more and more how much things get CRAZY because of lack of communication. We ALL assume we are communicating. But I would say half the time we probably have not communicated what we thought we had done.

Whether it be husband, wife, daughter, son, friend, co-worker we forget that we might communicate one way but they may hear another.

Today has been mass chaos as I realized that we have 10 people in our home. Six of them making plans, 4 of them not old enough to know they can create a plan (Praise the Lord), one small truck that only one person knows how to drive (stick shift) and we have the family van (12 passenger car) which 5 of us want to use and do something different.

As plans started unraveling I discovered that although 4 kids are going the same direction none of their time frames were adding up! Of course, whose fault does that become? Mom's! How can I help them get to where they want to be if nobody has communicated an actual real life plan to me. After talking to college student, high schooler, 8th grader and 6th grader I realized they all had a different version of what was happening. They don't realize mom can SEE the holes in their plan. OF course their version of me seeing holes is I want to ruin there fun. Poor kids can't see a mom's heart thrives on helping her children achieve their hearts desire. I want to help them get to where they want to be but I still have to connect the dots they forget to see. Nor do they realize this takes brain power to achieve and mom needs a few minutes to unravel the maze!

Now, I am left with realizing I wonder how many times God has said, "wait a minute" and I take His reply wrong. Maybe He is left connecting all the dots I have failed to see?

It has taken a little grace to communicate past the upset emotions and juggle around a few expectations. But with a little wiggle room here and a little give there we might just all be able to get to where we were wanting to go. I am also seeing how ONE wrong response can turn a little desire into a nightmare! Luckily...God is gracious and gave this mom some extra GRACE in responding today. And watching as I let my children walk away sad (allowing God to work) and see them come back pleasant as they too processed the ever changing plans!

Praying the next time I hear the Lord say "wait" I will have the wisdom to sit back and let Him work HIS plan and not assume He is into squashing ALL of mine!

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  1. May I kindly suggest that someone LEARN TO DRIVE A STICK! I mean, Barry may enjoy the fact that he doesn't have to share it but perhaps some of those driving children will feel more motivated to learn if they have no ride to their social obligations. I just see this as a recurring theme for you and wondering if there is some reasonable solution other than you having to make yuor day exhausting. Love, M.