Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Martha vs Mary

Would you say you are a Martha or a Mary?

We all know the story of Martha the organized busy one and Mary is pictured sitting at the feet of Jesus listening. (Luke 10:38-42) If you are Martha you may carry some guilt not being more like Mary. If you are a Mary you probably found comfort in that it appeared Jesus favored Mary. But are we looking at the whole picture?

I loved hearing what Nan McCullough shared last night at a dinner I attended. We should be both. (Nan is an author of Entertaining for Eternity, mom of three, grandmother, and a speaker to wives of Govenors, Congressmen, Ambassadors, Generals and Admirals. She and her husband serve at the Christian Embassy in Washington, D.C.)

We should prepare like a Martha and be ready to listen like a Mary.

I tend to be a Mary but I have learned how to bring out my Martha (Thank you mom and my friends that do this so well!).

Ladies, I believe we are exercising both we just haven't realized it. You can't have a home and not prepare and you can't have children and not listen. We may not pull it off well everytime but we have our moments. So next time someone asks you if you are a Martha or a Mary. Let them know how God designed you and then share how you are learning to exercise the other. God can fill in our gaps!

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