Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Making Memories With the Man I Love

Happy Birthday to 'My' husband!

Yes, I am married to the man of my dreams! He is perfect for me, gentle, kind, generous, patient, caring, loving even when I am unlovable. He is wise, godly, and a daddy to be adored and praised.

A man of deep thought.
A man who seeks God in every situation.
A man that admits when wrong and looks to God to correct.
A man of wisdom.
A man who has earned the respect of his wife and children.

How thankful I am that my in-laws raised their son to know the Lord. Thankful that a Savior revealed Himself to Him. Grateful that He asked Jesus in his heart. I am blessed that our paths crossed and I can walk this life with my best friend!

Is he perfect? No
Is he a man of character? Yes!

What makes our marriage so good? Because two sinners walk in God's grace and live each day seeing the heart of the other and not reacting to one another.

Slow to anger and quick to understand.
Quick to forgive and slow to react.

He learned I needed love and I learned he needed respect.
He studies me and I learn to encourage him.

We walk side by side on this side of heaven. I love to celebrate his life. We are perfect for one another since neither of us are big on gifts or expect much. We love our time together. (Good thing we like the simple things since an abundance of money has never been our blessing!) Who could trade the 8 precious gems that God has placed in our care.

Not sure what gift you buy a guy like this...so I'm thinking the best gift I can give him is a woman of joy to make every day a celebration WITH him!

Happy Birthday, Barry!
I Love You!

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  1. So sweet. Happy Birthday to your wonderful man. And an AMEN for amazingly wonderful marriage. :-)