Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thieves Are In My House

Another typical day in the William's household!

Teens slow to rise, little boys running, skipping, jumping, girls eager to get in the shower, toddler making diapers, spilling drinks, and desperate for food. I can't say school ran as smooth as yesterday but we are making our way through the books, pages, and computers.

I finally get my shower at 2:00 and discover one of the teens have stolen my shampoo and conditioner again. ONCE I am already IN the shower! This is a regular occurrence! (I buy plenty for each bathroom and yet mine is always GONE!)

Go to brush my teeth and discover the little boys have taken my tooth paste AGAIN!

My feet are cold and I find the college student has once again helped herself to MY socks!

I go to eat an apple and the kids have devoured my healthy snack!

I reach into my purse for a piece of gum....It's GONE!

Looking to grade school and (shocker alert) they didn't complete what they said they did!

The laundry that was supposedly done is in the closet floor!

The kitchen that was cleaned has crumbs all over the floor and nearly every cabinet door is open!

I am left with regaining my composure and slowly getting things back in their place, making another grocery list, sorting the laundry from clean to dirty, wiping the counter again, and faced with another day of no gum!


  1. Oh Shannon...somehow it makes me laugh that your day goes sooo much like mine. I wish I got over it a little quicker w/o losing my temper when I find their school work or housework done at such poor quality. Someone once told me don't EXPECT what you don't INSPECT yet I put it off so frequently knowing the disappointment that comes from a mom looking at a job versus a boy looking at a job "well done"

  2. I know it's not funny. . . but this made me laugh! It's so very much what my life is like! :-) Not the homeschooling, but many of the same with homework, projects, etc.
    I never CAN find any gum in this house! HA! And if I could figure out how to get everyone to CLOSE cabinet doors. . .