Saturday, February 13, 2010

Doing Stuff for the Boys

Woke up with toddler this morning. (check)
Fixed breakfast for the majority of the family. (check)
Cleaned kitchen. (check)
Started laundry. (check)
Was going to take shower until I discovered all the hot water was gone. (incomplete and of course it was the ONE thing I actually wanted to do!)
Wanted to schedule a hair cut but we have been snowed in so I have to wait another day. (incomplete with no shower and no cut in 6 months...yep, I am a mess!)
Date with preteen daughter. (complete)
Conversation with a preteen girl. (completed all 75,000 words in 2 hours! Love it!)
Back home for more laundry and dishes from lunch. (complete)
A few more lessons to grade for school....nah (another day)
Time to attempt cleaning the boys room. (One frightened Momma!)

My day was going so well but knowing 3 boys are gone I am POSITIVE this is my chance to go through their room. I have yet to figure out a good way to stay on top of their things. Considering putting a lock on the door and make them wait for me to get their clothes out and put their clothes up! As a mom it seems we go from time to time with certain thorns in our side and this season, it is THE BOYS ROOM!

I do pretty good at limiting their clothes so there are few to dig through. But that doesn't seem to stop the mass confusion that fills the piles of clothing and over stuffed drawers they create! Every boy has 2 drawers and they have 2 huge walk-in closets. And yet, I can open any given drawer and find a piece of clothing from each son! Socks are in every drawer, shirts are crammed in there. Clean clothes are in the hamper and dirty clothes are in the drawers. About 20 empty hangers and all jeans are intermixed! The little boys blame it on the big ones and the big ones blame it on the younger ones. I even find Brady's clothes in there and his room is up 3 sets of stairs! (multi-level home) I don't even know how they get his stuff because we do laundry by rooms on different days to avoid things like this!

So, instead of kicking my feet up for a few hours, or taking a much needed shower, or finishing a great book, I shall be digging through the piles and seeing what order I can bring for 4 of my beloved sons!

I figure without them here I can throw it away and they won't know it is gone! NOW is my chance to do the mom jig...clean, sort, clean, sort, toss, clean!

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