Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

One day at a time works great until you are in a situation that causes you to dwell ahead!

I am just now coming off of a 8 day fast. Yes, no food at all for 8 days! Only water! I share this because of how it has become even more real to me how we need to be living one day at a time. God hands out grace but He doesn't just throw it all over the place. He hands it out at the moment we need it. I love that we serve a God that is so intentional. He plans with a purpose and He gives hope in the most unhopeful situations.

Thinking of fasting for 8 days seemed like such an impossible task especially when I had my eyes on day 8 when it was only day 3. On that hard day as I prayed God showed me I wasn't walking one day at a time I was walking ahead. Sure enough as soon as I got myself back into walking one day at a time before I knew it, here I was on day 8.

Made me think of other areas I often get my eyes ahead verses walking one day at a time.
  • When I was single I would worry and fret about when or will I ever marry. You can lose sight of your life today when your focus is only on what you are waiting for to come.
  • When I was pregnant and that 9 months turns into eternity. I would find some days I was sitting and waiting on the baby to come verses being active and enjoying my moments with my other children. That baby is coming, NO need to sit and wait.
  • When that newborn comes and then endless nights of no sleep makes you think there is no possible way I can make it to his one year birthday. I have taken my eyes off of one day at a time and I am worried about tomorrow when it isn't even here yet!
  • When I am home with the little ones and they cause more destruction than I can possibly fix I can't imagine adding another child into the will we manage. Yet, looking back now I see God gives that grace with each new child he places in our family.
  • When looking at the school, chores, little tantrums from little ones you begin to wonder how will you ever finish the week.
  • When I am battling a struggle with a teen and you wonder how in the world will you make it the next 5-6 years. And yet I see now those sometime bumpy roads turn out to be some beautiful people God has in my life!
  • What about when we are faced with an illness that is out of our control. Can you function today without the worry and fear that wants to keep you shut down for years to come?
  • A child that wanders another direction a different path than we had them on. Can we only hold on to the fear of the future what ifs...or can we walk one day at a time and let God be in charge?
  • When finances are falling apart it can be so tough to walk a day at a time when you are so unsure of what the future will hold. And yet, we have a God who says He will not leave us.

I am challenging you to take the one day at a time challenge!

What in your life seems so overwhelming that you can't seem to focus on the day but are focused on the week, month, year, or years ahead! Don't move ahead of God because He is walking this road with you. One...Day....At....A....Time!

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  1. So good and so encouraging. Today is enough to deal with. Actually, this MOMENT is enough. :-)