Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mom's in Action

Remember the "one day at a time post"? I am now onto the "one clutter shelf to the next fiasco at a time"! It can be quite disturbing to find the mess kids leave behind!

(Apparently my job is to clean and their mission is to destroy!)

Thankful that apparently the fast has brought about an amazing amount of grace as I tackle these issues. They say you think more clearly after a fast and apparently it has put my emotions into check.

Opening a cabinet door to find mass chaos, trash, food, and stuff has not sent me over the edge. hmmm...quite exciting!

My kids aren't quite sure what to do with themselves as for today, MOM, is on top of things.
(Not just them but on me too...no runaway emotions! Not that I wasn't tempted!)

No mess has been left unattended.
(Got eyes in the back, side, and in front of my head today!)

No arguments are leading mom off into the wrong direction.
(Sibling rivalry...gotta love it and walk them through it!)

No complaint is rattling my cage today.
(Let me hear it because you really don't have much to complain about!)
A picture of Haiti or the reminder we are children of the King will put that complaint away!

I'm just kinda hoping I can keep this up for another 20 years!
(There you have it........Back to one day at a time!)

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