Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Jewelry

Ever so often I actually want to feel like a real woman and wear something besides spit up, cracker crumbs, or goo on my shirt from sticky hands!

I had a jewelry party this week and was so impressed with her stuff that I want to share her with you. Come meet.....Leslie Stephens who is a friend, a mom of 12, and a "Just Jewelry" consultant.

Her life is crazy chaos with a dozen beautiful children! My favorite thing about Leslie is she enjoys life to the fullest! You can't be around her for 5 minutes before she has you laughing to death! (You better have some good humor with 12 kids!)

It was a fun to see her business side and learn more about her company. I was so excited to know that (ANY) of my friends (ANYWHERE) can order and take advantage of a 20% off discount and that there is NO shipping and handling charge either...WOW!

So ladies (or guys who would like to purchase something convenient for someone) take a peek at the online catalog (I think you will like what you see) and enjoy the great prices!

You can't beat...

  • 20% off this week!

  • No shipping and handling!

  • Great prices...all the time! (neclaces $20, bracelets $15, earrings $10)

Check out some of my favorites in the catalog...(What's yours?)

  • page 3

  • page 7 (one of my favorites - Britany Necklace)

  • page 12

  • page 26

  • page 28

  • page 40

Hope you go take a look and if you are interested let her or I know!

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