Friday, January 22, 2010

Mom's, We Have a Purpose!

I was driving down the road the other day listening to a radio program with Dannah Gresh (Secret Keepers). I was so taken back by what she said and yet I can see it. She was talking about the number one show that young girls watch in America, "America's Top Model". She wasn't talking about teenagers she was talking about young girls.

Now that wasn't the comment that got me as much as the next....

Do you know what these models watched when they were these girls ages?

Care Bears (YES, our culture has changed!)

Mom's, we have a culture that has drastically changed since we were young. Are we on the front lines preparing our daughters for the road that is ahead. Or are we letting them cross that road too soon? I know I am not always on top of things as a mom, but when I hear it put this way it gets my attention at how real the enemy is after my children!

(I can get caught up in the day to day and forget there is more going on than dirty dishes, laundry, shuffling kids, and managing schedules.)

Below is a video for you Mom's!
If you have daughters between 8-12 you need to watch this video clip!
If you have younger daughters you need to watch and be prepared for the coming years.
If you have older daughters it isn't too late to grab a little influence back. It won't be easy when they are older but it will be worth the fight to be her advocate and walk these years with her!

I know many times in our mundane task as a mom we think we are 'insignificant' at times. Look below and capture the 'significance' YOU play in your daughters life!

(It is about 10 minutes but it will be worth you hanging on the entire time so you can see the role you play in your daughters lives!)


To the right of this page is a link to Secret Keepers if you want to learn more!

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