Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Walking a New Road...Mine or God's?

Yes, I am on a new path these days. Let's say it is a path to make better choices in how I view my health. Nothing like a potential disease like Rheumatoid Arthritis to grab your attention!

(The day before Thanksgiving we found out my blood work left markers to indicate I might have RA. Not able to see a specialist until the end of February has made me take a very proactive step in seeing what I could do to reduce the pain I was having every 3-4 days. Not easy to have body parts go out that often as you care for a family of 10!)

Reading, praying and soul searching has been a lot of what I have done these past few weeks and it has put me on a path of a water fast (only drinking water). I have gone 80 plus hours without eating and I am drinking about 10 plus cups of water a day! Who knew I could go that long?!

It truly has not been that hard nor have I been really hungry. I have my moments of wanting to eat but it mostly is something I want to taste verses being hungry. After talking with my chiropractor and he suggesting my body might need to go on this for 8 days I just about had a melt down today. (Not sure why because the Lord was already leading me to go a week.)

I discovered today it was much more about my mind than what my body really wanted. "I" wanted to eat. My body hasn't really craved anything yet. So the battle begins! Would I take a moment of time for pleasing what "I" wanted or would I stay on task with what I knew I needed to do?

Here is what I came up with....

It is not a matter of what I can't have because I can have food anytime I want it. It is a matter of me choosing not to eat.

When I begin eating again there will definitely be some changes in my diet. It isn't about what I can't have...I can have anything I choose. (Somehow changing the way I think of this is actually helping me make better choices...try it with your battle.)

Want to see your selfish side appear? Just tell yourself you CAN'T have something! Everything in your body fights, craves and desires that which you think you CAN'T have!

What is the solution when my selfish side appears?
Telling myself 'I can' have it.... BUT I choose NOT to have it!

Isn't that like our christian walk?

The christian walk is not about what we 'CAN'T' have, it is about what we 'CAN' have in Christ!

So if we are in the battle of the will, 'My' will or 'God's' will?

What will I choose?

As soon as we tell ourselves we can't have something our sinful 'self' will pull out all the stops and the craving, fighting, and desiring begins!

When we realize 'we can' have anything we want but 'we choose' God's way. Watch in awe as HE helps you walk and then discover the blessings, joy, and peace that follows!

Christians, are we living a life that shows others that we walk, talk, and look different? Or are we on a path of serving our own selfish desires?

What battle of the mind are you in?

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