Monday, January 18, 2010

Parenting is Not For the Faint at Heart

I can't think of a better phrase. If you are a parent then you understand the title of this post. There is no greater joy or sorrow you experience than in parenting. Lately, I have felt I am frustrating my teen kids so I decided it was time for mom to dig and see what is up.

(It seems like one minute I need to focus on training the toddler, the next I am focused on the younger kids not obeying THE FIRST TIME, then you got the middle kid sibling rivalry and NOW I am focusing on what I am doing to cause my teens such frustration?)

Reading a book today I realized I am 'reacting' to their emotions verses being in control of the moment. I am forgetting how hard it was to walk that teen path and without a doubt they have a tougher road these days than I did.

I love how God just shows up and reveals a glimpse at the heart of the problem (even on a 6 hour drive to Texas with 6 kids). I think I have been approaching the issue as their problem. I forgot I am the teacher and the trainer (on going) job hasn't passed yet, they haven't graduated childhood from our home, therefore I need to stay on duty. Instead of getting my feelings hurt or responding with the same emotion they are giving I need to be the steady example of how Christ would respond.

I am so thankful that in these moments where I forget the task at hand, God does not!

I am thankful that when I feel the emotions overtaking me, God can take control!

I am thankful for a Lord that gently reminds me that good communication is more than me talking but it is me listening!

My prayer....Lord make me a better listener to my children.
Give me wisdom to hear and the grace to respond. Amen.


  1. Once again - a visit to your site fills me with smiles and some great words of wisdom! Remembering that "I'm the adult here" is a constant for me raising my two teens! Blessings to you Shannon! Tracey (FamilyLife MomBlog)

  2. I feel like you just wrote the words of my heart. I am struggling with listening and not reacting in a way that glorifies God. Thank you for this post.