Friday, January 15, 2010


What a fun evening with my husband. We have just cracked up at the retro look on Facebook. Posting pictures of way back when and enjoying the memories of past years.

(I am visiting my mom next week and if you know her then you know we will be looking at a gazillion pictures.)

This retro thing has started a picture frenzy for us.

(My dad used to tease my mom that all the pictures they developed over the years he could have built her a dark room and saved money...LOL)

Of course as you look at them and realize all the different paths our lives have taken and you see that some of these photos are pictures of loved ones no longer around they take on a new importance to find those photos and share them with their families.

Technology still amazes me. Look at all the connections we can have these days. Not only connections but re-connections to friends that help make us who we are today.

I see the different things that God has allowed in my life and realize how much those things have made me who I am today. I can't believe how shy I was in my high school days and yet I had friends that just took me in and encouraged me...I still do today. I am realizing what a blessing it was that my parents had an open door policy to friends.

(I hope our home is the same!)

Oh the memories we had in our home back in Greenbriar. The number of friends that walked in our door and were LOVED unconditionally by my parents.

(My sister and I used to joke when friends would come visit later in life at whether they were coming to see us or really there to see my parents!)

I am positive my parents don't really know the full extent of what that small gesture did in opening their doors to so many and loving every person that walked in that door!

I have cherished tonight as my husband and I get to reminisce over our childhood with loving parents and teen years full of friends. Having a midnight omelet with 8 kids snug in their beds as we enjoy the memories of Del City and Moore. Thankful how the Lord brought us together. Thankful for the blessings he has given. Thankful we have a Savior that has walked with us in our suffering. Thankful he will be with us as we make more memories.

I look forward to seeing the memories our children will share. I hope they remember a loving home with doors wide open. I hope they remember more laughter than tears. Above all I hope they see a Savior who adores them, died for them, and rose again for them. And I can't wait to see what fun moments of reminiscing we will do the next 25 years!

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