Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Miscommunication - It Happens

What happens in a family of 10? Lots of communication and miscommunication. Half our issues around here are someone not hearing the entire sentence or story and then running (or shouting) their version. Which only leads to more confusion!

It can get quite hilarious, if not aggravating, at how many times we have to retell a sentence as someone walks in mid-conversation. Sometimes I feel like I am talking non-stop which is never good for me. I get tongue tied or try to repeat what was originally said only to be corrected by a child. I want them to just figure it out sometimes. They take me so literal.

And YET...

I can tell them to do something and they never remember that EXACTLY!

Tonight was no exception in this matter. When you have 10 people, 4 drivers, 3 different locations, each event beginning at a different time and only 2 cars this can limit what can be accomplished. I knew it, I knew it...I should have called the masses to the living room, or called those at work, or texted those in a meeting to clarify we were all working on the same knowledge of how this evening would happen. But NO...I decided to take the easy path and ASSUME we were all on the same page.

If only I had communicated I could have prevented a mess of a mess this evening. Everyone got to where they needed to be, not happily, but they got there. So it was a blessing to see everyone walk in with laughter at the end of the evening.

Here's to hoping next time I will go with my gut and call the family meeting, they so hate, to make sure we are all on the same page!

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