Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Secret You Should KNOW

Would you like the secret to Contentment?

I know with today's technology I love how a busy mom can find moments of encouragement at 9:45 p.m. on a Saturday night after catching a tweet from her childhood pastor. I was just about to hit the end of my rope with lesson planning for 6 kids while I stop fights, hug a baby, give directions to teens, keep dinner on time, teach a younger one life isn't over if you lose at wii, help an older child realize the correct way to speak to your sister/brother, give a wink here and there to my husband. To know that I can be encouraged with a click of a button or a buzz of a text is just amazing.

So, would you like the secret to Contentment?

I know I do! My heart is constantly seeking to make sure I am content where the Lord has tomorrow!

What about you?

God seems to constantly bring me back to revealing how this life is temporary. What footprint am I leaving for those around me or after me?

If others (and my children) look into my life will they see a woman who desired to live for Him (Christ)?

Will they see a grumbling woman (mom) or one who rejoices in ANY circumstance?

Will they see a woman (mom) who is never satisfied or one who finds satisfaction in what the Lord has provided?

Will they see a woman (mom) who understands He is God and I am not?

Will they see a woman (mom) who knew the secret to true JOY and was eager to walk a life that draws people into that joy?

Are you content?

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  1. I like the new look! Contentment is always a struggle isn't it! For my kids and for me! Thanks for the encouragement.