Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Days are LONG but the YEARS are Short - Part III

I can't believe I have another daughter that is passing through her childhood so quickly! My precious little 17 year old was not so little when she was born.

I think I get some bragging rights for this child. If you are used to looking at newborns then you will realize she was slightly larger than the average child. Can you tell by her daddy's face how worn out we were delivering this baby girl? She was....wait for it....wait for's a shocker...

11 lbs. 9 oz.

We didn't realize we could pass Hannah but this one was a whopper! I was so relieved to have her here in my arms vs. the belly where I couldn't breath! Hannah was so excited she would laugh and then bust into tears. If you know Hannah then you know this child cannot contain her excitement! Mallory was her baby and she was going to be the one to care for her! It was a rough go at first with this little/big baby. She and I struggled through nursing with tears, pain, and lots of determination not to quit. Having mastitis is probably the worst experience of my life! Just sayin'!

She stayed in the top 97% in her size for 3 years. I would say her sweetness was right up there with her size. She was quiet and always content then and now!

She tackles everything with a quiet determination and not much phases her. I am amazed after having 8 babies how you can see their temperament early on (I think I have said that before, but I am still amazed when I look back at pictures). Here she is getting her breathing treatment for asthma when she was young. I am excited to say she outgrew that part around 5 years of age. (good thing since she lives for Ultimate Frisbee these days!)

Mom and Mal enjoying our time together!

Here is my servant hearted little girl who continues to love the extra additions to our family! Here she is welcoming baby #6 her 4th baby to hold. You can see the gentleness she portrays.

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Loving on another sibling. She was always my one to hold me to order. Constantly reminding the kids and me what the rules are...not very forgiving when mom would change the rules. I had to learn to tell her that I was going to change the rules before she had 1/2 the family in tears! She organized things by color and shapes and kept things in a straight line. (even us) Dependable is her middle name!

Another thinker of the family. A quiet gentle strength the Lord has given her, one to be greatly admired! Not much will throw her off track. I love how she sees her mistakes, will brush herself off, and you will rarely see the same thing happen twice. A wise young woman the Lord has given me.

She is a friend to many! I have never seen her reject a soul. She will always be the one to lovingly be there when no one else is around. When offended or hurt she sees Gods plan and tends to see things from someone elses perspective. Hard to get angry with friends, family or others when you understand...another quality that makes her MalPal!

She serves unconditionally at the drop of a hat. Taking time out of her day loving on more siblings and friends and rejoicing in their fun!

I couldn't resist putting her goofy side up!

I look at these and remember the day when she was too shy to talk, stand on stage, or go out without her big sis. Now I see a young woman who is bold, brave, and WILL do what God ask her to do!

Her moment of fame...standing by Kris Allen's American Idol limo!

This has to be one of my proudest moments as a home school mom. Not sure why because I can take no credit for her talent. We were homeschooling and I couldn't afford to have the girls in dance, gymnastics, art, or drama. So what do you do? You do what you can. Looking through Mardel's I noticed an art book for $1.49. Knowing how much she enjoyed coloring I thought this might be an extra activity she might enjoy with her other school subjects. Little did I know that little purchase would reveal a hidden talent. I can't remember her exact age but I think around 8 she was learning all about perspective, shades, and shapes (All on her own! Teach a child to read and the world is theirs!) Below are some sketches she has done. There have been no art classes, just a book, pencil, paper, time, and a God given talent.
This was from a year or two ago.

Below is one of her first faces she has drawn...I am amazed!

I can't imagine what life would be like without my girl! It was a rough beginning (mastitis) but an amazing ride over the years. Watching this clumsy girl who can fall out of a chair, trip up the stairs, or walk into a wall and laugh at herself. Seeing a young girl whose penmanship had a lot to be desired but can draw with amazing skill. Learning the deep desires of this young woman to be all God wants her to be and watching her follow Him with her whole heart no matter what the circumstances (even when He walks us out of our comfort zone) is a JOY.

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I am a blessed mom who has yet another child I want to be like! I can take no credit other than allowing God to make me a mother! I love my girls and I love how they love life!

My little/big girl is growing up and I am overjoyed at the woman she IS!

Happy Birthday Mallory!

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