Friday, January 8, 2010

Grumbling One Minute, Happy The Next

I have put it off, put it off, and put it off and so far, NONE, of our broken computers have come back to life. Now I have to plan school! It is down to the wire and their education must continue. I am missing my Switched-On-Schoolhouse. YES, there is a learning curve but I love the freedom it gives me.

No longer do I have the ease of a button to plan their work. I have to get about 5 books per 6 kids. UGH! I am not a fan of keeping up with where they are at on any given day. Only to hear, "I did that someone took my paper!"...sure! The computer said it all. With quite ease I would walk over and look at their lesson and tell whether they did it or not. No excuse...unless....the computer is broken. *pout*

I am supposed to keep a good attitude and frankly my attitude stinks. Feeling like one of the kids who has no desire to do what is needed to be done. Of course being a mom I don't get that luxury. I enjoyed the fact that the computer told them what to do and I got to just help them comprehend what was said. I like the fact I could focus on the heart and let the computer do the lesson planning. I liked the quietness of having all older kids busy while I worked with the younger ones. Instead I am left with about a dozen questions from each kid. Everyone is in waiting…waiting on mom to get done with one sibling so I can help the next. Basically it leaves me with NO time. Time is a precious commodity that I like to protect or find ways of finding another few moments here or there.

So I can see my grumbling has not accomplished one thing in the past 10 minutes.

Taking my own advice this mom will bite the bullet and change her attitude. Guessing I should practice what I preach. It seems like this morning I am constantly looking at the wrong thing…wondering what are the reasons for God allowing the broken cars, the broken showers, the broken computers, and the right hand to give out yesterday. Maybe I am missing the point of living a life of joy in the midst of things that are falling apart. I serve a risen King, my children are healthy and happy, I have a husband that loves me unconditionally, we have the freedom to educate the way we choose, my house is warm on this frigid day, we did accomplish fixing one car, not ALL the computers are broken, the shower may leak but we CAN take one, the right hand is coming back to work today.

I am thankful for a Lord that responded with love instead of reacting to the pain that I caused to a sinless King! How's your day going? Mine is better, Thanks!


  1. Thanks for the reminder. I am in need of an attitude adjustment! Think I will retreat to my room for a few minutes and seek one! Miss you!


  2. Before you buy books, post a request on your local Freecycle network thru Yahoo. Ask all your friends if they have a computer to pass along. I bumped into a friend that bought a new computer for Christmas. He was going to toss it until he found out I wanted it. It works great! He broke the plastic latch that holds it closed. A crisis for him but no big deal to us. Now Annabelle does her Switched On Schoolhouse on her own laptop. He even cleaned the hard drive before sending it our way. God will provide!
    Love, Heidi
    PS. Annabelle loves her Switched On Schoolhouse even tho she is doing a years worth of work in half the time. Thank you for recommending it!