Thursday, January 7, 2010

Life After Christmas and New Year's

Will there be a day of no teens complaining, no little kids throwing a fit, no toddler destroying the house, no pile of laundry 'in waiting', a time when all vehicles we own work, will I ever be in the mood to do school, cook, or clean?

The advantage of having lived over 40 years, married for 19, raising 1 college student, 3 teens, 3 grade school kids, and a toddler is I can tell that life will change and I am gonna miss this one day!

Life is gonna be full of disappointments and things we can't change. But I can change my attitude towards those things. Learning to be grateful for what I do have and realizing God has a plan whether I see it or not.

(I have this teenage son that keeps aggravating me and the kids! Pretty sure I will be ready for spring to get his tail end outside to blow off energy! He has interrupted me 5 times in the last 8 minutes! got one of those?)

...back to posting....Everyone else seems to have gotten themselves back into the swing of things for 2010. Not I! Trying not to compare to other women who have their game on! Slowly but surely I will have school in full swing, the van shuffle covering miles of road, schedules to manage and adjust, meals to plan and cook. For the moment I will keep walking one day at a time to get me ready for Monday!

Funny how I can look ahead and feel like I am not accomplishing a darn thing. But I look back to yesterday and should give myself a pat on the back. Took kids to work, dressed the toddler, ran by 2 grocery stores, put gas in the car, remembered to check the fluid before it overheated, did 5 loads of laundry, took down all inside Christmas decorations and tree, dusted and cleaned 4 rooms, read to a toddler, got a shower and bathed 3 VERY dirty little boys! (Pretty sure they had not had a bath in a week...don't judge me...I was at my max capacity the last 2 weeks!) I did discover that their hair lays down on their head when they are clean!

I have another day of things to accomplish! Must get kitchen, pantry, and garage in order. We had turned our garage into a pantry while feeding the masses! It is time to begin functioning out of the real pantry now!

Here are a few pictures from our WilGibLo time! 8 couples, 4 college kids, 9 teenagers, 2 pre-teens, 5 little kids, 2 toddlers and a variety of friends came by!

Movie night with the big kids, "Wild Hogs"! All younger kids are down for the night and we are still waiting for another 8 guest to show up!

When buying groceries for 30 people for 7 days you need space to store it. We turned the garage into the pantry. Here is some of the food!

More FOOD!

1 G'ma and 3 Moms enjoying life with their children!

The younger kids enjoying their time at the table!

22 kids piled on a love seat!

Let the games begin...
Banana Grams, Trouble, Sorry, Respond, Grand Mal, Signs, Connect Four, Canasta

SIGNS! This is only the teens and college kids!

College guys having a blast playing Sorry!

Canasta Time! We played with a record of 8 people! Ask them who was winning?

Did I mention all the laughter? From 18 months to the 60's...we all had FUN!

New Years Eve...
food toss, hair cuts, movie, ice cream...
enjoying every last minute of our time together!


Here are the 22 kids who enjoyed life to its fullest bringing in the New Year 2010!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our families to yours!

God Bless!

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