Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mom Stuff and Somebody's Hero

Thankful I decided to postpone school for one more week. A wise decision so I can get caught up on a few things. (a few...HA...about a gazillion!)

Our life is definitely passed the holiday break. Teens are grumbling, kids are into everything and the toddler is in mass destruction mode. Mom has more to do than I can keep on my brain, the van shuffle has started, the showers are leaking. is in full swing!

I keep trying to remember my earlier post on an atmosphere of grace. Definitely a constant issue of putting God first instead of 'my-to-do-list'! With the Christmas tree hovering over my head, the boys room still not in order, and the loads of laundry that are still in waiting (although that never changes) I have much to help me practice grace.

Putting the things and kids aside then I am also practicing not being overwhelmed with getting back to gluten free eating. I gave myself a few grace days and NOW I am ready to get back to it. I really did feel better going gluten free. Anxious to begin learning and reading more. I am still in awe how gracious the Lord was in keeping my body parts in full working order the past 2 weeks. I have not gone more than 4 days without a body part going on strike in over 3 months! I would say being pain free for 2 weeks is huge. Thank You Lord!

I was out buying a few last minute groceries before the potential snow comes (I hope it does..there is something very appealing about being trapped inside the house) and heard this song on the radio. It got my attention and has put a hop in my step.

If you are a mom...listen to this!
You ARE somebody's hero! What you do...MATTERS!

If you have a mom...listen to this!
Let your hero know...she MATTERS to you!

(Mom and Mimi...thanks for being our hero's! Love you!)

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