Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back To A Small Family

What makes a family of 10 feel small? Having 18 extra people sleep in your house actually gives the impression that our life is calm after they leave.

When you have 28 people needing a shower, 60 shoes laying by the door, 30 pillows stacked on a bed, the entire kitchen table covered in cups, you realize your house is full! AND yet...we still had room for friends. Not sure how He did it...but God made it all work out! The food lasted, everyone got sleep (even g'ma and me) and I am pretty sure nobody was bored this week.

None of this would have been possible without an amazing man I share life with willing to give up his domain. He is a servant! An exceptional man to give up his vacation for 22 kids who make messes, laugh loud, and leave little room for rest. As our house was full and I was sick for all of it he was willing to get up in the night to give me some extra rest. I love this man! I think he enjoys watching how much his wife and children love the chaos. He gave up his time for us and now I am eager to see how I might serve him over the next several weeks.

I know the best thing I can do is keep the home relaxing when he is around. This means....NO cleaning while daddy is home. The messes will slowly get picked up but when daddy gets home we will stop what we are doing and allow that time to be enjoyed by watching T.V., listening to great music, chatting on computers or just sit and do nothing. The tree will wait another day to come down, the toys will remain scattered, but most of all the atmosphere of grace will be here in our home. I know if I begin the clean-up process while he is home he will feel the need to help. He already does so much for us the least we can do is give him his moments of relaxation when he is home!

Tomorrow brings life back to reality. Time for this mom to get her rest before life with sick kids, a busy toddler and the reality of a well lived in house reveals its true mess in the morning! But come 5:30 p.m. the cleaning crew will takes its cue and enjoy their evening with an AMAZING man we call husband and dad!

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