Saturday, January 2, 2010

Time For Change

Well, I knew I would get myself into trouble!

Of course, I do like to blame Barry for this little issue. He was the one to talk me into blogging!

He gets me blogging, shows me how to do a few things, I get curious and learn a little more. (That was the fun part!) Then I get this bright idea to change my blog to a 3 column that I love but now....I got this gigantic Christmas ball that I can't change! Christmas is over and it is time to update! I can't find a layout, background, skin or whatever you call it that I like. After looking at some I am completely confused at 'what' is 'what'.

I feel the stress coming and that makes me want to give up blogging!

Once I threw a fit Barry said he would help me. I go take a phone call and come back downstairs and he has disappeared with the little boys. That would be a man for you! Doesn't see the problem with Christmas up after Christmas! That ball has to go! Doesn't he realize when a woman wants to change something she means NOW!

Being the determined woman I am...I was thinking I could click a button and get this blog changed for the new season. (Which Barry tells me I have to give up the season changes and stick to one look?) I wasn't real thrilled with that comment at the moment. But right now I am considering it a good idea since I am so stressed out over HOW to change this thing! I got lucky and changed it this last time but afraid my luck might run out!

I grew into this layout and with one click it could all be deleted? I read that if I click I might lose half of my pictures, gadgets, widgets and links! No thanks! That will be the end of me! I don't like things that don't allow me a do over if I screw it up! (Maybe that is why I have 8 kids...gotta few to practice on!) JUST KIDDING!


No post means I am not happy about the look!

No picture's means "I"clicked the button!

No Shannonigan's means Barry clicked the button!

Stay Tuned….it could get interesting around here!

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