Monday, January 4, 2010

Customer Service Is That Still Alive?

It is sad that the customer service has declined so much these days. How is it that you purchase a product that doesn't work and the store refuses to exchange it! Really? Because don't mess with a mom! THIS is not over!

This isn't just any time of the year, this is Christmas time. Kids expect the toys they are given to work. Parents who purchase these products expect the toy to work. I would hope the store would stand by their product. But these days you purchase at your own risk.

I understand their desire to see a receipt. And as luck would have it the only receipt I CAN'T find....IS the receipt that I NEED. Of course! Typical of me....lose the one I need! Silly me thinking that at Christmas time they would be gracious to help a mom out. BUT 'NO'!

Apparently in today's technology they can't even look up my credit card number for proof of purchase. (They have got to be the only store that can't these days!) They wouldn't even let me finish my sentence without saying, "you need a receipt"! To top it off she told me she was warned I would be coming in! Really? When did I become so scary? (I know I am a little insane when it comes to games, but with other stuff I am mild!) But for some reason they felt they needed to warn their managers I was coming.

I smiled, used manners, was pleasant...and yet...they were warned.

Not real happy with my Christmas purchase. Twenty dollars spent for a broken toy they refuse to exchange. A son who received a gift that is useless! The hassle of going up there 3 times. Being told I could talk to a manager, not being allowed to talk and then told they were warned about me. Craziness!

I am thankful for an evening that ended with great customer service! We met some friends and took my daughter to Olive Garden to celebrate her birthday. They were gracious, friendly, kind and let us finish a sentence. I am confident I am not asking for too much when I expect to see that in any business.

I am off to work on a blog post to celebrate this precious daughter. Wait til you hear what she weighed at birth!

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