Monday, December 7, 2009

Video from Matt

Are you struggling with life? With health issues? Finances? Life?
Take a moment to watch this video of a 35 yr old pastor in Dallas, Texas who had a seizure and then found out he has a tumor that was just removed a couple of days ago! His message will bless you! They still are unaware of the results but it will encourage your heart as you see God is still God!

Video from Matt

We truly never know what path God will ask us to walk. But whatever path that is for each of us there is no greater reward than to walk with Him, that others might see us live a life that honors a living King! So many times we see this life as 'IT'! This is just a moment in time! One I hope, we all hope, we get to enjoy to its fullest. But not always the path we each get to walk.

If you don't know the Living King, take time to find Him! If you do know the Living King, share your peace and joy with others who live in worry and fear!

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